A groundswell of support rippled through Singapore World Water Day

Every year, we dedicate the month of March to Singapore World Water Day, to pledge our national commitment to water conservation.

This year, more than 460 partners from schools, retailers, and corporates joined in our movement. A big thank you to all our partners who supported #GoBlue4SG! Check out how our partners spread the word for the water cause in their own special ways!

Check out #GoBlue4SG highlights

Discover Water Wednesdays

Through workshops, storytelling sessions, quizzes and more, some of our partners from schools and corporate organisations have committed to educating students and co-workers about the importance of water sustenance—one Wednesday at a time.

“Encouraged by the good response received from last year’s partnership with PUB, our girls have designed a “Treasure Hunt" for visitors to the NEWater Visitors Centre this year. We are grateful for this partnership, as our girls get to live out the school's mission of being good stewards of knowledge to lead in causes that serve the common good.”

Ms. Chew Ing Lim, Principal of Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS)

“We conducted talks by teachers and students to educate the students on the importance of water conservation in Singapore and other countries. Information about the history of our Water Supply, Water Sustainability and Conservation was also displayed to raise awareness on the current state of water around the world. The session ended with our students pledging to help save water.”

Mr. Edwin Chew, Lead Teacher (Geography) of Regent Secondary School

“Great World is proud to be part of Singapore World Water Day to raise awareness on water conservation. Aside from rewarding shoppers with additional Great Rewards points when they are dressed in blue outfits for Water Wednesdays, the mall will run a shoppers’ Treasure Hunt for water-saving tips and display educational panels for learning fun. Great World strives to do our part in making a difference.”

Ms. Eugenie Yap, Senior General Manager, Great World

“The cup design competition that we organised aim to raise awareness amongst our students about water conservation—how a simple action like using a toothbrush cup can make a big impact on the amount of water saved in the long run. Imagine how much water we can save if everybody starts making simple changes in their daily habits!”

Ms. Louise Choo, Teacher-in-charge, Woodgrove Primary School

“Water is precious, and it's a gift for mankind! Water Wednesdays is a reminder that we must do our part to take good care of it, save and use it wisely.”

Ms. Reyes, Teacher of Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Meet more partners who supported the water cause

Our partners joined hands to heighten awareness of water sustainability. Hear it from Metta Welfare Association, Asia Square, LiHO Tea, and LION Group Singapore.

More ways YOU can go blue

Check out some ideas on how you can pledge your support for our national water movement. Show us you’ve joined in the fun by sharing a photo with #GoBlue4SG. Make it a standout and stand a chance to be featured on our IG page.

Wear blue to work

It can be as simple as putting on a blue outfit. For more fun, get your co-workers to join you in wearing blue to the office!

Deck out your space in blue

Paint your homes, offices or stores blue. Or simply add touches of blue to the décor.

Make blue creations

Keep a lookout for our partners’ unique blue offerings. Or better yet, create your own and share it with everyone!