Make saving water a part of your every day

It doesn’t take much to save water. Discover how our fellow citizens do it in their own little ways. Or scroll down for our collection of water-saving tips and see what works best for your lifestyle.

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There's a water-saving tip that's just right for you

Personal habits

Perform a half-flush whenever possible

Each half-flush uses only 3 litres of water, compared to 4.5 litres for a full flush.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

You can save up to 23 litres of water every day, enough to fill 153 toothbrush mugs.

Turn off the shower when soaping

You can save up to 27 litres of water every day, good enough for a few relaxing foot soaks.

Food preparation

Keep water used from your food prep to water plants

Don’t pour away the water from rinsing fruits, vegetables or uncooked rice. You can use it safely to shower your plants.

Wash fruit and vegetables using a container

You can save up to 33 litres of water every day, enough to boil four big pots of soup.

Wash dishes in a filled sink

You can save up to 28 litres of water every day, equivalent to the volume of 15.5 kettles.

General household

Switch to more water-efficient appliances

A washing machine with four ticks helps a typical household save up to 27 litres of water per wash, compared with a three-tick washing machine.

Do your laundry on a full load

You can save up to 40 litres of water every day, or 288 litres of water every week.

Fix leaks quickly

Just a drop of water a second can amount to 4 litres of water lost in a day.

Tighten taps to prevent drips

Every drop counts, so be sure to turn off the tap tight.

Reuse leftover plain water

Save the water to clean suitable household items.

Use a watering can to water plants

Spraying or pouring large amounts of water on your plants is unnecessary, and may even result in over-watering.


Don’t run a hose to wash your car

Using a pail of water instead can reduce water usage.

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