Water is a scarce resource we all share. Now more than ever, with erratic rainfalls brought about by climate change, there is a need to make every drop count.

Every drop of water we use requires energy to clean, filter and pump into our homes. So by using only what we need, we’re reducing our overall water consumption and the energy needed to treat and supply it. That’s not all. By 2065, Singapore’s water demand is expected to almost double with economic and population growth, so our conservation today helps this essential source of life to run adequately on for our next generations.

To ensure water resilience, businesses can do their part in managing industrial water demand. Over the years, PUB has worked closely with non-domestic sectors, with the support of government grants, to implement water-recycling projects that successfully helped businesses become more water-efficient.

Be it as a group or individual, you can do your bit too. Just with simple water-saving actions, we can all come together to ensure a sustainable future for our earth, our home.

Singapore World Water Day


Actions speak loudest. So for Singapore World Water Day this March, we activate schools, corporates, grassroots organisations, and community partners to show their solidarity for our national water cause through a stream of ground-up activities and deals.

In the spotlight is our anchor event, graced by our Guest-of-Honour Mr Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance. The event will feature a series of celebrations, including “Walk for Water”, a mass walk with our partners to signify our journey towards a sustainable future together.

Want a slice of the action? Check out what’s in the pipeline, 31 days through this March!

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